Teach Your Child How to Write His or Her Name

Teaching a child to write his name takes practice and patience. Let him learn in his own time but practice a few minutes every day. As he begins to perfect his writing, you'll notice he can start writing with smaller letters with handwriting that becomes easier and easier to read.

Make handwriting a fun activity when you teach your child to write his name in easy steps that are educational and frustration free:

We start out by having the child learn to grip a pencil correctly

Some children seem to be naturals at holding a pencil, whereas others need a little bit more guidance. The child’s grip does not need to be perfect to start learning to write but, we do believe it does help in learning to form letters correctly and quickly. After the child knows how to grip a pencil correctly, and knows that capital letters are used only for the first letter of his/her name, and the child knows how to spell his/her name, you are ready to begin!.

Print His Name as an Outline

Learning to write his name is a proud accomplishment and a skill he'll use throughout his lifetime. Make the task easier when you print his name as an outline for him to follow.

Try Sidewalk Chalk Take learning outdoors.

Buy or make your own sidewalk chalk that's fat enough for him to wrap his hand around comfortably.

Tape small pieces of construction paper to large blocks.

On each block, write a letter of your child's name. Help your child line up the letters in the right order to spell their name.

Other ideas for name writing:

  • - Write your child’s name using a highlighter.
  • - Have him trace it using a pencil. Write your child’s name on a card. Have him copy it by using his finger to “write” his name in a sensory tray of shaving cream, salt, or sugar.
  • - Play a name fishing game with this free printable. Have your child “sign in” to do an activity – whether that’s have to have a snack or enjoy some screen time.