Why should you teach kids respect at a young age?

Everyone knows it’s important, but not everyone knows where to start. Respect is actually really easy to explain to kids. Give some examples about how you treat others or how they would want to be treated in certain situations.


Chances are your kids are watching every move you make. This is a great jumping off point for teaching your kids respect! They see how we show respect in certain situations too. Not talking in the movies or at church and showing respect during the national anthem. Show your kids when you are out and about that you listen to rules at the store and other businesses (wearing a shirt and shoes, standing in line).

Examine Your Home Life Are you and your spouse modeling respect between each other? If a child sees a lack of respect between their parents, it can be harder for them to grasp the concept and its importance. Also, stop and look at your daily routine. Do most of the interactions you have with your child revolve around discipline and teaching behaviors? Perhaps its time to take a step back from this tactic and focus on modeling love.


Saying things like “I know you’re feeling angry, but I love how you’re handling this situation” is a small way to offer praise and positive encouragement when your child is feeling upset or angry. Don’t Discriminate It is imperative to teach your children to respect people regardless of who they are. Asking your child to value someone because they are an authority figure or because they are superior isn’t appropriate, as it will create a flawed relationship between them.

It is again essential to teach your child that everyone deserves respect, no matter who they are or where they stand in social hierarchies. It is not Just for People Only Children need to understand that we don’t just care for people. We respect nature, culture, institutions, choices, even objects, and so much more. It is reflected in the way we treat others, in the way we care for our environment, in the way we stand up for important causes and in the way we live our lives in every moment.