In our classes we introduce and/or
master the alphabet, numbers, colors,
shapes and sight words.  We also work
on writing skills, cutting skills and do a
variety of arts & crafts daily.

Circle-time activities include the calendar,
weather, pledge of allegiance, show & tell
and story time.

Snacks, songs, dancing, science, math
and free-play are also incorporated in the
daily activities.

We perform songs and dances at our
holiday shows throughout the year.  Our
end of the year show includes plays that
include costumes and props.

We try to expose children to a wide
variety of experiences that they will build
on in their continuing journey of learning.
Starting Line Preschool

Next School Year Starts
August 19, 2013

End of Year Show
(last day) is
May 15, 2014

Registration for 2013-14
School Year Starts
February 2013.
110 Third Avenue NE
Mission Statement

The Starting Line Preschool is
committed to a child-centered
environment.  It provides a
positive and personalized
atmosphere where a child has the
opportunity to grow physically,
emotionally, socially and

We strive to make
sure your child is on
the right track for a
lifelong love of
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